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  • Passive Fire Intumescent Coatings

    Passive Fire Intumescent Coatings

    Fireproofing your valuable assets

  • Fireproof Coatings for Commercial Applications

    Fireproof Coatings for Commercial Applications

    Fire resistance solutions for passive protection

PASSAFE Fire Protection – the only 24/7 employee in your building.

If the unfortunate day comes, passive fire protection will be the first line of protection for your family, occupants and assets of your building – achieve compliant AS4072.2 & AS1530.4 standards of the NZ Building Code with PASSAFE Fire Protection.

Fire protection services covering the North Island – Auckland, Wellington, Tauranga and Gisborne.

We have teams in each centre retrofitting passive fire protection to commercial buildings, apartments, units and multi-story or interconnected buildings, and for new builds our consultation and documentation services of your passive fire protection systems are an easy tick for your buildings Code of Compliance.

Certified Installers

Our team of experienced certified passive fire protection installers are on hand to deliver global compliant fire proofing solutions.

Trusted Products

Passafe Fire Protection uses certified fire proofing products for passive fire protection installations and fire stopping solutions.

Fire Safe – Code of Compliance

If your building hasn't passed its Fire Safety Code of Compliance, Passafe can guide you through the processes to ensure certification.

Fire Proof Solutions

Reduce the risk of loss of life and building harm with PASSAFE Fire Protection's certified range of fire proof systems.

Passive Fire Protection Experts

Whether you're retrofitting your building during a renovation project, require repairs to illegitimate fire stopping structures, or undergoing a new commercial construction operation, correctly installed passive fire protection systems is an important step in preventing personal liability while ensuring the contents of your facility, occupants and assets remain safe.

Our job is to give you quality-assured, certified fire protection products and systems – such as firewalls, fire resistance glass, and structural fire protection solutions – to maintain your building's structural integrity, while providing safe escape routes for people during the event of a fire.

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Passive Fire Protection (PSP) is always working as the first line of fire protection for your family, occupants and assets inside your residential or commercial building.

PASSAFE Fire Protection Limited are specialists in addressing your fire safety compliance for commercial and residential buildings. By implementing a systematic approach we deliver peace of mind along with approvals from local body regulators and code of compliance for your facility.

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