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Passive fire protection maintenance & remedials

Passive Fire Protection Maintenance & Remedials

  • The first and most vital objective in fire protection is to protect the lives of any individuals who are in the assembly which is on fire, and enable them to exit the building quickly and safely
  • PASSAFE work to repair or maintain your passive fire systems to protect your building under the New Zealand Building Code (NZBC).

Passive fire protection maintenance

It’s simple – check your PFP systems regularly!

Your passive fire protection systems are specified systems and require regular inspection, maintenance and reporting in order to maintain its prescribed function as fire safety protection. Furthermore, all passive fire protection systems, to an extent, are prone to weakness, damage and faults. So to save you future stress, and potential legal implications, why not get it done right?

Passive fire protection systems need regular attention, specialist inspection (IQP) in order to continue to perform and operate to full effect.

The independent qualified person (IQP) follows the requirements set out in your building’s compliance schedule. Each compliance schedule is different, depending on the specified systems in the particular building.

A compliance schedule will usually require the more complex inspection and maintenance procedures to be carried out by an IQP and the certification with a Form 12A can only be supplied by an IQP. As a building owner, you may be responsible for undertaking some less complex and more frequent inspection tasks. These tasks will also be detailed in the compliance schedule.

Common issues with fire separations, that if not checked regularly inspected, can include:

  • doors unsecured and left in an open position
  • self-closing doors do not latch or close the door
  • smoke seal damage or destruction
  • light timber framed walls are damaged
  • fire separations above false ceilings or below false floors are inadequate
  • sealed penetrations become null for your compliance schedule

Proper maintenance and regular systematic inspections of your passive fire separation systems can avoid such problems. While, diligently managed construction, implementation and retrofitting of your fire safety systems will prevent further issues and ultimately save lives were a fire to occur.

Fire Systems Maintenance

Seamlessly maintain your fire systems with PASSAFE.

PASSAFE can offer testing of your passive fire protection systems for compliance in accordance with New Zealand standards to certify compliance of fire doors, opening protection and fire separations etc.

Our team have the skill sets, experience to carry out necessary repairs and maintenance as reported, which is first quoted and then authorised by you.

Maintaining your passive fire system is crucial in ensuring your fire protection systems are functioning properly. Regular maintenance can eliminate faults, detect areas of weakness and rectify any issues that could arise in the event of a fire. PASSAFE have reliable technicians, sources and contacts with a skill base in all manners of passive fire protection.

Our maintenance mission – get the job done properly, and fix systems in the shortest downtime to minimise your time out of the game.

Call the team today to discuss how your maintenance and inspections can PASSAFE! 0800 PASSAFE.

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PASSAFE Fire Protection Limited are specialists in addressing your fire safety compliance for commercial and residential buildings. By implementing a systematic approach we deliver peace of mind along with approvals from local body regulators and code of compliance for your facility.

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